How’d you pull that off?

Launching three events simultaneously across the country is no easy task. For nearly a decade we have been producing on-site event stores & pop-up shops for our clients. This last year we had an opportunity present itself where we had 3 events taking place the same week at 3 different locations across the United States. Each client had strict deadlines and expected an on-point retail experience for their events.

When the going get’s tough, the tough get creative. There were a fair amount of logistical and operational challenges associated with hosting three large-scale events at the same time, however we were certainly up for the task. Not only did each event got off without a hitch, but the amount of learning opportunities that were had more than made of for the few sleepless nights.


Design, production, merchandising, point of sale, on-site management, logistics

Attendance Per Event

Event A: 15,000
Event B: 5,000
Event C: 750