Diving into an age-old question.

Logo placement and design both have their places. A strong logo, deliberately placed, makes sense from a brand recognition and consistency standpoint. Alternatively, a custom design is a great way to brand specific campaigns and seasonal products. Each school of thought has its validity, however the more appropriate question that should be asked is, “when do I use each?”

As business owners, sometimes it can get a little repetitive seeing our logo over and over in the same way. The same applies for customers as well.  A fresh design can add some much-needed life to a marketing campaign or assortment and can also become a great supplement to your overall branding.  Still not sure of your next steps? Our design team has a ton of experience creating on-brand design alternatives to help simple products reach new heights.

Logo Placement

Core Merchandise Selection, Employee Uniforms

Custom Design

Seasonal Campaigns, Supplemental Apparel, Specialty Markets

Consistency is Key

Be open to trying new techniques and options

Arizona State University was looking to make a first impression.

Arizona State University distributes over 20,000 gold t-shirts to new students at the beginning of each school year and wanted a shirt design that would create excitement. We helped design an on brand alternative look that students would be proud to wear. This resulted in a shirt design that can still be seen around campus several years after it launched.

Retail-level athletic wear

A nutritional business needed a line of custom athletic wear that would be considered on par with leading retail brands. In order to achieve this we created a full custom line of cut and sew athletic apparel that sold out quickly and helped to increase overall sales and diversity in the program.