At Blank Canvas, our mission is to create products that inspire our clients and arm them with the necessary tools to promote their brands. We are unified by this mission and in 2019 we made significant strides in connecting more people to the products, services and tools they need to create the most impactful brand awareness.

Over the course of 2019, we have worked hard to become an extension of our clients’ team and provide solutions that will push their business farther than they might have been able to take it on their own.

Employees Hired
New Clients
Cups of Coffee

Growing Our Team

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our Blank Canvas team. We are thankful to those of you who have joined us over the course of the year. We appreciate the new ideas and creativity you have brought to the table and are excited to see where it takes us.

Our focus is having the best resources to support our clients and continue to grow their brand through meaningful products and we believe this team is perfect for that.

Our Inspiring Clients

Our success is built on the success of our clients. But we believe our success is measured by the meaningful relationships we have created over the last year. It has shown us that we are happier and more successful when we are creating something together. Our clients have some pretty amazing ideas and we are grateful to be part of helping these ideas come to fruition. We are consistently inspired by what our clients have to offer the world and hope to continue to be the support they need to go further. We are thankful for all who have made our jobs more interesting and more fulfilling.

New Workspace

In August, we broke ground on our building remodel. This new space means a lot to us because we want the space we work in to match how we present ourselves to our clients. We are building a more open and collaborative space because we know that’s how we work best. A new showroom/boutique is also in the works, that will showcase some of our best work while creating a retail-style experience that is truly unique. We are full of anticipation and excitement as the finishing touches will happen in the beginning of the new year. Stay tuned for photos when it’s complete!

Looking Ahead

The spirit of Blank Canvas has always been solutions-based. We believe in taking the path of most resistance and to solve problems that haven’t been solved before. We are a group of disruptors driven by the belief that we can provide purposeful solutions and create tools to launch businesses into their own success. 2019 has been an incredible journey but it is only the beginning.

Looking ahead to 2020, our determination to provide solutions with equal parts form and function is stronger than ever.